Halcyon Channel Network Expands to Deliver Better Ransomware Detection and Prevention

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October 4, 2023

Halcyon works with Channel Partners to deliver best-in class in anti-ransomware protection to your customers, and organizations that need it most. In less than two years since inception, Halcyon has already been deployed on several hundred thousand endpoints through its channel program.

Now Halcyon is pleased to announce a series of new channel program milestones.

Halcyon has signed on more than 70 partners and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and is expanding its offerings for MSSPs and VARs (Value Added Resellers) in North America.  

Additionally, more than 250 deals have already been submitted through the Halcyon partner network and two-thirds of all opportunities have been closed via Halcyon partners.

“Ransomware continues to be a significant security concern for our customers,” said Jim Adams, Chief Revenue Officer, Adlumin.  

“Our partnership with Halcyon is enabling us to protect our customers and solve their security challenges. Their technology is at the leading edge of ransomware defense solutions, and we’re pleased to be able to partner with them to address this critical need.”

Halcyon has also introduced a series of technical alliances, including integrations with Revelstoke and several others to be announced in 2024.

Designed to enhance Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platforms and other security offerings, Halcyon is channel focused. The Halcyon Channel Program is open to providers across four key segments:

  • Technology partners who enhance their offerings through collaboration
  • Channel partners looking to deliver best-in-class anti-ransomware protection
  • MSSPs who resell embedded technology in managed service offerings
  • Other partners who share Halcyon’s objectives, e.g., cloud service providers, service partners, embedded OEM partners
  • Incident Response (IR) companies who support containment or rapid proactive deployments of an ongoing incident. IR teams embed Halcyon's technology with their own artifact collection and investigation tools


Legacy security tools were simply not designed to address the unique threat that ransomware presents, so we keep seeing destructive ransomware attacks circumvent these solutions.  

The Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Platform:

  • Detects and blocks both known and novel ransomware families via multi-layer, AI-powered prevention, detection and response engines
  • Delivers built-in endpoint agent hardening and ensures existing solutions are protected from bypass and unhooking techniques
  • Provides redundant resiliency features through autonomous host isolation and encryption key capture for swift automated recovery

The unique Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Platform is easy to deploy, does not conflict with existing endpoint security solutions, and provides multiple, unique levels of protection against ransomware attacks. Halcyon is the first platform to leverage advanced AI/ML detection models specifically trained to defeat ransomware.

To learn more about Halcyon’s Channel Program or apply for a partnership, please visit: is the industry’s first dedicated, adaptive security platform that combines multiple advanced proprietary prevention engines along with AI models focused specifically on stopping ransomware – talk to a Halcyon expert today to find out more. Halcyon also publishes a quarterly RaaS and extortion group reference guide, Power Rankings: Ransomware Malicious Quartile (PDF), and check out the Recent Ransomware Attacks resource site.

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The Halcyon Platform

Halcyon is the industry’s first dedicated, adaptive security platform focused specifically on stopping ransomware attacks. Halcyon is built by attackers to stop attackers. The solution is a lightweight agent that combines multiple proprietary advanced prevention engines along with AI models trained solely on ransomware.

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