Halcyon Partner Program

Join the growing community of Halcyon partners serving clients around the world to put an end to ransomware.

Proven Partnership Formula

Sustained Growth + Proven Credibility + Expert Training

Technology Partners

Halcyon works with Technology Partners to build innovative solutions to complex problems. If you are interested in working with us to enhance your offerings through partnership, please apply below.

Managed Security Service Providers

MSSPs integrate Halcyon's technology into their managed service offering, providing the right people and security platform to our mutual customers.

Channel Partners

Halcyon works with Channel Partners to deliver best-in class in anti-ransomware protection to your customers, and organizations that need it most.

Incident Response Partners

To support containment or rapid proactive deployments of an ongoing incident, IR teams embed Halcyon's technology with their own artifact collection and investigation tools.

Additional Partnerships

Have something else in mind, that doesn't fit into the other categories? Cloud Service Providers? Service partners? Embedded OEM partners? Reach out using the form below.

See Why Partnering with Halcyon Works

Better Together: A Partner Program Overview

EPP and EDR solutions attempt to prevent and detect ransomware, but the evidence tells a different story. The Colonial Pipeline and other attacks demonstrate that these solutions can be evaded or bypassed. The Halcyon  platform has purpose-built features to enhance these solutions, while providing novel protection against ransomware, and the specific TTPs that ransomware actors use. Partner with us to do what no other company has done before.

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Why Partner with Us?

Halcyon looks to deliver value with our partners to customers with the only platform designed to stop ransomware in its tracks. By becoming a Halcyon Partner, you will have access to resources and tools to help shape your expertise and, most importantly, grow your business.

Ready to join us to defeat ransomware once and for all?

Key Partner Benefits Halcyon Offers

We work closely with our partners to provide extensive value that helps them deliver comprehensive anti-ransomware and endpoint resiliency solutions.

Partner Portal and Deal Management

Access to the Halcyon Partner portal for lead registration and opportunity tracking, partnership status, and training and sales materials.

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Joint Press and Marketing Activities

Work directly with our Marketing and Communications team to host events, webinars, and trainings for our customers.

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Early Access to New Features

Get access to exclusive partnership communities and priority support from the Halcyon team, so we can work together for our mutual customers' benefit.

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Commitment to Partnering & Profitability

Halcyon is focused on fostering partnerships that last by building strong relationships with partners, and offering a highly desired recurring revenue model with strong margins.

Meet Some of Our Premiere Partners

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Meet Your New Partner in the Fight Against Ransomware

Halcyon is rapidly scaling. Partner with us to do what no other company has done before, make ransomware history. If you have any inquires regarding our partner program, email us at partners@halcyon.ai