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All Halcyon customers have access to our flexible support channels with Standard Enterprise Support. Below are the many ways Halcyon is dedicated to your success. All customers have access to the in-product Resource Center and the customer Support Portal. With Halcyon Standard Support, technical support engineers will work to resolve your trouble tickets during the workday.

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Customer Success

It’s not just technology, it’s a journey. We’re here for it.

Halcyon Support Services is a 100% in-house, non-outsourced team of customer-focused Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 product experts trained in all aspects of the Halcyon Platform. Our goal is to assist customers experiencing product-related issues so they can get back up and running without business delay or disruption.

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Halcyon Customer Success FAQ

Learn how our team supports you. Halcyon Customer Success delivers proactive support and solutions-based outcomes for our customers.

What are the main ways to contact Customer Success?

All customers have 24/7 access to the Halcyon Supportal for answers to common questions, how-to articles, troubleshooting, and documentation. If you can't find the answers you need in our Knowledge Base, our Technical Support Engineers are available to help resolve your technical issues via the Supportal or email. Additionally, we offer phone support for our Enterprise Support customers.

What is your Issue Severity initial response times?
Support Services
Halcyon Self-Service Support Portal
Knowledge Base
Case Submission
Phone SupportP1 Critical Only
Proactive Support
Support Service Level Objectives (SLOs)Response Times:
P1 - Critical*2 hrs.1 hr.
P2 - High*4 hrs.2 hrs.
P3 - Medium12 hrs.8 hrs.
P4 - Informational48 hrs.24 hrs.
Customer Success ServicesIncludes
On-boarding & KickoffWebinarWebinar
Deployment & OperationalizationBest PracticesInteractive Session
Meeting CadenceQtrly Check-InWeekly + Qtrly EBR
*Initial response time is prioritized based on severity. Critical and high-severity issues must be called in for response time objectives to apply.
What are your Issue Severity Support Tiers?

All Halcyon customers with active subscriptions have access to the following – at no additional cost – Standard Support grants access to our Resource Center and Halcyon Support Portal, facilitating swift resolution of deployment and operational issues.


This top-tier support level offered by Halcyon is tailored for large enterprises or intricate environments, emphasizing proactive engagement with accelerated response and resolution times. Driving your team’s comprehensive utilization of the Halcyon platform and services.

  • P1 - Critical*: Product functionality completely degraded - critical impact to business operations. Agent or related software are completely inoperable, no known workaround currently exists; Customer production is completely stopped or severely degraded.
  • P2 - High*: Product functionality severely degraded - severe impact to business operations. Agent or related software is significantly impacted, and no known workaround currently exists; Customer production is severely impacted.
  • P3 - Medium: General errors, or issues; product impaired however business operations remain functional. Agent or related software is not working as designed; however, customer production is not currently impacted.
  • P4 - Informational: Basic information or assistance with products - little to no impact on business operations. Low to no impact to Customer production. Generally, relates to product questions or feature request.

*Initialresponse time prioritized based on severity. Critical & High severityissues must be called in for response time objectives to apply.

Do you offer a Threat Awareness Service?

Yes, we provide what is known as Halcyon Threat Response – This offer 24×7×365 threat response with every subscription. Threat Response includes:

  • Human Analysis: review of the Halcyon signals for potential indicators of ransomware
  • Signal Accuracy: false positives are reviewed and cleared for smooth operations
  • Malware Reversing: interesting samples are flagged for reviews by leading reverse engineers
  • SOC Escalation: Halcyon analysts will proactively escalate to your SOC as arranged

Data is reviewed within minutes providing assurance that your ransomware protections are actively working for you. On this page you’ll find some examples of what our dedicated Threat Research team has found on a periodic basis. 

To learn more about our Threat Research and Response, visit the Halcyon Blog and find our monthly Threat Insights series.

What does your Customer Success onboarding look like?

A typical or average Customer Success onboarding timeline is as follows:

  • Onboarding: “Today”
  • Rollout: +1 Month
  • Deployment Assessment: +3 Months
  • Health Check: +6 Months
  • Goals Review & Assessment: +9 Months
Where can I find the Halcyon Customer Success SLAs?
What is the Company Country?

The United States. Halcyon is a fully remote company operating in North America, with our headquarters in Austin, TX 78731 USA 

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The Halcyon Support Promise

One of our core values is being customer-driven.

Customers are our #1 priority, and that’s more than a motto for us. We exist to provide world class service and make our customers more successful and secure. We build for them and by using their insights, challenges, and fears.

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