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Ransomware Operations at Full Speed

Ransomware operators understand that the transportation sector is dependent on keeping operations up and running, and any disruption means the organization could be measuring losses by the hour.

When threat actors disrupt a logistics provider network, they know they have their victim in tight spot and can make huge ransom demands to restore operations swiftly.

Worse yet, the attackers likely exfiltrated sensitive data before delivering the ransomware payload. This can include proprietary and regulated customer data, putting the organization’s entire brand and reputation at risk.

Ransomware Poses a Critical Threat for Transportation

The threat to the transportation sector from ransomware attacks is escalating at an alarming pace:

One of the UK’s largest privately owned transportation groups, KNP Logistics, declared itself insolvent in 2023 following massive losses from a ransomware attack.

Logistics technology provider ORBCOMM was the victim of a ransomware attack that disrupted their FleetManager platform used to track and monitor customer’s transportation assets.

Royal Mail services were disrupted for six weeks following a ransomware attack that left the company unable to dispatch items overseas or process international parcels at its 11,500 branches.

Legacy security tools were simply not designed to address the unique threat that ransomware presents, and this is why we keep seeing destructive ransomware attacks circumvent these traditional security solutions and impact the logistics sector.

Ransomware is Fueling Major Disruptions

Transportation sector thwarting logistics

People and Processes

Transportation and logistics require strict adherence to schedules, and disruptions to one system or provider can have wide-ranging impact across the entire sector, as well as serious economic implications.

Downtime & Recovery

From detection to recovery, it takes on average 21 days to restore operations following a ransomware attack. Disruptions on this scale would be catastrophic to most logistics companies and result in untold losses.

This is why Halcyon enlisted some of the top data scientists and threat researchers in the security field to develop the Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Platform.

Halcyon delivers a purpose-built ransomware prevention solution that provides multiple layers of prevention, detection and recovery through proprietary encryption key material capture that autonomously restores systems to operation in a matter of minutes versus weeks.


Ransomware operators understand that these disruptions put providers in an untenable position, and they leverage this to put tremendous pressure on targets to pay increasingly larger ransom demands.

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Empowering Transportation with Resilience

The new model for building resilient transportation organizations requires:

Defense Resilience

Existing EPP/EDR/XDR were not designed to stop ransomware attacks in progress. Halcyon AI/ML models are trained on millions of real-world ransomware attacks to fill the detection and prevention gap left by traditional security tools.


Stop Bypass & Evasion

Ransomware operators disable endpoint security tools with relative ease. Halcyon protects other security tools from being bypassed, unhooked, or blinded during a ransomware attack to increase ROI on all security investments.


Operational Resilience

Ransomware attacks are designed to be disruptive. The unique Halcyon encryption key material capture and anti-data exfiltration features prevent exposure of sensitive data and assure operational resilience against successful attacks.

Halcyon Offers the Most Powerful Ransomware Protection

Legacy security tools are failing to catch the telltale signs of ransomware attacks until it is too late, so we keep seeing destructive attacks circumvent these solutions.

Identify and transfer locker


Halcyon delivers AI/ML-powered next-generation behavioral modeling to detect ransomware precursors, pre-execution blocking of ransomware payloads, and unparalleled evasion protection.

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Deploy Halcyon Agent


Halcyon detects attacker actions to predict and prevent bulk data movement associated with data exfiltration to protect education providers from breaches that lead to costly liability and extortion demands.

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Initiate the Decryption


Only Halcyon delivers proprietary encryption key material capture and autonomous decryption to keep education organizations operational in the face of a successful ransomware attack.

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Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Platform

Halcyon is the only platform to leverage advanced AI/ML detection models specifically trained to defeat ransomware. The unique Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Platform is easy to deploy, does not conflict with existing endpoint security solutions, and provides multiple levels of detection, prevention and recovery against ransomware attacks.

Talk to a Halcyon expert today to find out more and check out our Recent Ransomware Attacks resource site to get near real-time tracking of ransomware attacks, threat actor groups and their victims.

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