Protecting Our Healthcare Providers From Ransomware

Halcyon is the First Dedicated Anti-Ransomware Engine Built for Healthcare Enterprises. Rapidly Reduce the Threat of Ransomware with Endpoint Resiliency.

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Not just a technical threat

Ransomware is the single largest risk to any organization.

Ransomware is no longer considered just a technical threat, it’s the largest single risk to any organization. Stopping ransomware before it can execute on a target system is critical, and Halcyon is here to end threats before they happen.


of healthcare organizations surveyed were hit by ransomware in 2021, up from 34% in 2020.


BILLION in downtime in 2020, which is double the number from 2019.


Schedule a 15 minute call with a Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Expert

Build a strategy with confidence in the best protection. The Halcyon Platform features a lightweight agent built to run alongside your existing NGAV/EPP/XDR solution without issue.

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Multiple Protection Layers

Halcyon combines pre-execution defense with deception and anti-detonation techniques to block new ransomware before it executes. In the event our engine does not immediately detect it, Halcyon isolates the impacted node.

Pre-Execution Defense

Halcyon is built exclusively to combat commodity and targeted ransomware, before it can execute, by using industry-first applications of next-generation machine learning trained solely on ransomware.

Deception and Anti-Detonation

Ransomware won’t run if it thinks it’s being monitored or running on a system it shouldn’t. Halcyon is the first security product to include deception as a core feature to compliment layers of proactive and reactive defense.

Resiliency and Isolation

Defense against ransomware is an all-or-nothing game, when ransomware gets by any security product, it results in a catastrophic failure of varying size. Halcyon has recovery, resiliency and automatic isolation to ensure all risk of ransomware is mitigated.

Built for the Enterprise

Halcyon currently offers support for Windows 10 & 11, and Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 2022. Additional Windows support coming soon. MacOS and Linux available soon. Legacy systems supported by request.

Augment and protect your existing security products with Halcyon’s AI-powered anti-ransomware engine.