resilience and recovery

Be Ransomware Resilient

Prevention and detection are critical aspects of any defense-in-depth security approach but to be resilient against ransomware requires a new approach. By combining  recovery features with an AI/ML system trained on millions of ransomware TTPs, and enhanced by our data exfiltration protection engine, Halcyon has designed the first system for stopping data extortion attacks in a single platform.


Armor your Endpoints

After gaining initial access to a system, attackers will routinely target security tools active on an endpoint. Destroying backups has a lower resource cost than attempting to sneak malicious binaries or scripts past automated detection tools. The Halcyon platform protects other security tools from being disabled or bypassed and prevents VSS copies from being impacted by an attack.

DOn't let ransomware GET you down

Reduce Recovery Time to Minutes, Not Weeks.

Ransomware events can seriously disrupt business operations and cause millions of dollars in damages. That's why Halcyon's resilience engine was designed to recover impacted systems automatically. Halcyon is the only security platform with integrated encryption key capture and autonomous decryption capabilities to render paying any ransom completely moot. It's easy: if an attack happens we capture the keys generated on the endpoint and quickly unlock the affected data.

Ready to Fight Against Ransomware?

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