Ransomware is built differently, breaching security program gaps. Endpoint resilience fills the gaps.

Modern security solutions are quick to update their protections once a threat is seen in the real world. But what if you’re the first victim? Without a dedicated anti-ransomware engine, the protection gap can range from 24 hours to days, or even weeks. Halcyon's multi-layered protection blocks new ransomware before it executes.


Armor your endpoints and their security to prevent and defend against ransomware attacks.

Attackers either attempt to sneak ransomware and malware past security detection or they focus their effort on unhooking and disrupting security tools. The weakness of a single platform approach means once it’s off, that's it! Halcyon is the first product to actively armor your existing security tools preventing them being bypassed or evaded.


Halcyon keeps you in business by minimizing recovery from weeks, or even months, down to days.

Once a ransomware attack happens, the remediation clock starts ticking. With a self-healing agent that protects VSS copies, isolates affected endpoints, Halcyon’s ERP is able to recover encryption keys (with a decryptor to boot!). It is also the first security tool with disaster recovery built in as a prevention method.

Ready to take part in a future where ransomware no longer exists?

Create an account and get started stopping ransomware, or explore the product further. You can also contact us if you’d like to see a demo or discuss the specific needs of your organization.

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